Friday, January 15, 2010

Cooking Light - A Culinary Delight

So...I just got my first issue of Cooking Light and I have to say it is an absolute delight. I was expecting recipes akin to the kinds you would find in Shape Magzine or even Best Health. I must apologize for pre-judging you Cooking Light. As I flipped through the pages my heart began to flutter as each recipe wet my apetite more than the last. The pages were littered with tips like chose healthy fats and sprinkle your meals with nuts and olives or ad an extra layer of leafy green spinach to your creamy lasagna - Love it. No where did it say I could no longer eat lasagna or fatty olives! To boot the magazines is scattered with great advice form dieticians on how to watch 'hidden' sugar intake and some fun exercise tips.

With section's called " Chilli Time!" and " Bright Flavours from Warm Places" I began to question where this culinary gem had been hiding all my life. They even included a recipe for Puotine made with fries baked in duck fat and Braised Beef Short Ribs - had I died and gone to heaven?

I left the magazine on my desk for the week and as my co-workers have come by for meetings and visits five out of seven of them have flipped through and asked with bright eyes - can I photocopy a few of the recipes ( of course I gladly oblidged)? This then lead to discussions of what kind fo beer or wine we would add to our chilli and how much we would love to be eating Corn and Crab Fritters with Guacamole right then and there.

So I just had to write to the editor and say - thanks for the shares Scott Mowbray - thank you so much.

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