Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eat With Your Eyes

This evening was glorious. I met up with some wonderful friends and we decided that this evening instead of cooking in the heat we would go grab some Thai from Thai Elephant on Queen West. Needless to say it was magical. The green curry cleared my senses and opened up my taste buds. The mango salad was ripe and tossed with delectable cashews. We all went for seconds on the Pad Thai as well.

Perhaps it wasn't just the food it was the atmosphere that made it so delicious. We sat on a patio overlooking Queen Street and mused to ourselves about how we never knew what the top of a street car looked like while enjoying a couple of two litre bottles of sauvignon blanc from the Wine Rack. We have been loving Ontario whites since the latest bottle shock.

The patio was littered with black eyes Susan’s and Pansy’s as we crowded around make shift tables listening to Passion Pit on my pal Mikey T’s Boom Box. The whole atmosphere made me realize something so simple, sublime, and commonsensical...I almost laughed to myself when the deepest appreciation grew within me. I have always been a foodie, and loved colours and sounds. The mix of all three all though is my happiness and that is what has inspired me to write this blog. I can only hope my verbal aesthetic can inspire the same feeling in you.